Japanese Film Festival Online - the online service launched by The JFF Asia-Pacific Gateway Project now available

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2020.04.24. 00:00 to 2020.05.31. 00:00
What is Japanese Film Festival (JFF) Online?

Japan Film Festival (JFF) was established by The Japan Foundation to promote Japanese films overseas. Since its launch in 2016, the “JFF Network” project has grown and expanded every year. In 2018, it attracted a record number of 18,000 people from 14 countries worldwide, primarily in the Asia-Pacific region. 
This year, “JFF Magazine” launched “JFF Online”, a new streaming service for Japanese films: 12 indie films created by young Japanese film directors will be available for viewing free of charge, thanks to the collaboration with “Moosic Lab”, which has produced numerous popular films in recent years. 
What is Moosic Lab? It is a project that brings upcoming film directors together with musical artists to create new films with a single song as a starting point. Numerous screenwriters and actors have found their start through this competition-style film festival since its inception in 2012, and it has become a launchpad for young creators in Japan.
Thanks to this online service viewers can easily watch and enjoy Japanese films through their PC and smartphones.The program availeble free of charge until May 31, 2020 consists of 12 carefully selected films from Moosic Lab 2017 and 2018. This impressive lineup includes films which received good reviews at domestic and international festivals and films shown at previous JFFs. 

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

No registration required!

Site URL: https://www.japanesefilmfest.org/streaming/

Film lineup:

1. The Sacrament (2017, 90 min)

Director: Isola Iwakiri

Music: Bonjour Suzuki

2. Girl’s Encounter (2017, 101 min)

Director: Yuka Eda

Music: Tenkousei

3. Please Don’t Go Anywhere (2017, 93 min)

Director: Rin Shuto

Music: POLTA

4. Rent a Friend (2018, 78 min)

Director: Mayu Akiyama

Music: BOMI & Yo Irie

5. Moonless Dawn (2018, 60 min)

Director: Harika Abe


6. Life Finds a Way (2018, 100 min)

Director: Hirofumi Watanabe

Music: Triplefire

7. Infinite Foundation (2018, 102 min)

Director: Akira Osaki

Music: Kosame Hishiyama

8. Sayounara (2018, 86 min)

Director: Yuho Ishibashi

Music: Chiaki Sano

9. Wander Life (2018, 77 min)

Director: Naho Kamimura


10. Excited Death (2018, 30 min)

Director: Kohei Inoue

Music: NakanoMARU

11. Inner Loop Couple (218, 30 min)

Director: Taro Shibano

Music: Akari Machi/The Woops

12. Made in Japan (2018, 30 min)

Director: Yusaku Matsumoto



Note: The display order of the movies at JFF Online's website changes continually. 


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