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Where can I get information about the events of the Japan Foundation?

You may be informed about Japan Foundation events from our homepage, internet newsletter and the bulletin board in the library. Some programmes are advertised by our co-operating partners as well.



I would like to take a Hungarian theatre company or an exhibition to Japan. Would the Japan Foundation help financially?

Although we are happy to give advices, the Japan Foundation's primary concern is to assist Japan-related events taking place outside Japan (not Hungary-related events taking place inside Japan).Should you wish to take your company to Japan, please contact the relevant organisations.



Can I apply for 30% tax refund after the tuition fee of the Japan Foundation language courses?

No. The Japan Foundation language courses are not accredited, thus it is unfortunately not possible to ask for a refund.

When can I sign up for the courses?

Current information is always available on our homepage and the bulletin board in the library. If the groups become full before the application deadline, no further applications are accepted.

Is there an age-limit for the courses?

There are no strict age-limits, but according to previous experience the youngest student was of secondary-school age.

Do the courses provide language examinations?

No. The language courses of the Japan Foundation have no language examinations attached to them.



How can I be a member of the library?

Registration is free of charge. It requires personal identification (passport in the case of foreigners). After filling in the data form and registration, you become a member of the library.

Is there an on-line catalogue?

There is no on-line catalogue in the library.

Can I extend the loan time for a borrowed book by telephone?

Yes, but only once, and only in case there is no pre-order for the book.



Where can I find the latest informations about the grants, scholarships?

You can find it on our homepage, the Japan Foundation main website (http://www.jpf.go.jp/e/program/index.html) and in our program guidelines as well, which you can find in our library.

From where can I download the application forms?

The application forms are downloadable from our homepage or from the website of our headoffice.

In what language should I fill out the forms?

The forms and other documents should in all cases be filled out in English (or Japanese). The necessary documents should also be handed in in English (or Japanese).

Can I send application forms by e-mail?

We do not accept e-mail applications. All necessary documents should be sent to the office by mail or brought in person.

Is it possible to win a grant for the same applicant/project for two consecutive years?

Most grants/scholarship cannot support the same applicant/project for two consecutive years, or the already supported applicants/projects have a lower chance of receiving the support.

Does the Japan Foundation give assistance in finding Japanese partner organizations necessary for grants/scholarships?

The task of finding Japanese partner organizations for the applications falls on the applicants.

Does the Japan Foundation support profit-oriented events?

No, the Japan Foundation cannot give support to profit-oriented events or activities.

Does the Japan Foundation provide travel support for grants/scholarships granted to persons outside Budapest/Hungary?


From what kind of fields can be the applications accepted?

Only applications from the fields of arts and humanities shall be considered. The applications from the field of science can not be accepted.

In the case of multiple projects, is it possible to apply for each one within the same fiscal year?

The Japan Foundation screens the applications and details of each project individually, and in some cases the multiple projects from one organization are also accepted.

Applying for a grant from the Japan Foundation, parallelly can I apply for and receive a grant or donation from another organization(s) too?

Yes, you can. The Foundation encourages the grant applicants to seek funds from multiple sources. However, if you are applying to the Grant Program Performing Arts Exchange, please note that the Foundation will not give grants to projects that receive financial support from other Japanese govermental organizations, including special legal entities and independent administrative institutions. If you are applying for the grant program(s) of the Foundation, please be aware that the grant coverage of the Foundation does not overlap any part of project expense(s) covered by other funding sources.