Nyomtatóbarát változat


January 3. (Monday)

New Year's Holiday (J)


January 10. (Monday)

Coming of Age Day (J)


March 14. (Monday)

National day (extra holiday) (H)


March 15. (Tuesday)

National day (H)


April 15. (Friday)

Good Friday (H)


April 18. (Monday)

Easter Monday (H)


May 3. (Tuesday)

Constitution Memorial Day (J)


May 4. (Wednesday)

Greenery day (J)


June 6. (Monday)

Pentecost (H)


July 18. (Monday)

Marine Day (J)


August 11. (Thursday)

Mountain Day (J)


September 23. (Friday)

Autumnal Equinox Day (J)


October 10. (Monday)

Sports Day (J)


October 31. (Monday)

Substitutional Holiday (H)


November 1. (Monday)

All Saint's Day (H)


December 26. (Monday)

Christmas Day (H)


December 29-30. (Thursday - Friday)

Year-end Holiday (J)